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These products are made from the bark of Daphne Cannabina or Papyracea, Locally known as ‘Lokta’ which is found at altitude of 2000 to 3500 meters in the mountain area.
The ‘Lokta’ or Daphne Cannabina has characteristics of regenerating again after 6 to 8 years of cutting. Bark is collected with environmental awareness. Thus it preserves the fragile forest ecology of Nepal

This indigenous Nepalese paper renowned for its exceptional durability and special texture. The oldest available manuscripts of Hindu & Buddhist texts, Royal edicts & legal documents are centuries old and always having recorded on this paper.

This paper making process involves cooking the bark twice, consecutive washing, chopping and beating with wooden hammer. The soft pulp is poured over a wooden-frame and spread evenly by gently shaking the floating frame in water and then sun dried.

Buying this product will support to improve the socio economic conditions of the lower strata of society in both rural and urban areas of Nepal.









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